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The Blue Umbrella

If you‘ve seen Disney Pixar’s blockbuster, Monsters University, then you also got the added benefit of seeing the short film, The Blue Umbrella. Created by animator Saschka Unseld, AdAge discusses how through this film, Pixar deviates from its usual forms of animation into the realm of photorealism.

While enjoying the story line (and certainly impressed by the animation and depth of emotion captured in this short film) I also thought about how the umbrella is one of the most functional and appreciated promotional products.

Having moved to Florida during the rainy season, I was especially relieved to have a reliable umbrella on hand. In this case, I had my go-to Swiss Army Brands automatic umbrella, which is small enough to fit in my tote, yet strong enough to offer true protection from the rather strong rain.

While living in New Jersey and commuting to Manhattan, upon knowing the forecast, I would turn to one of the pieces we’ve produced for clients, such as the Windbrella Fahsion 54 or Storm Duds Big Top. These both went the distance, and when paired with wellies, made the walking parts of the commute totally do-able. On days when rain or snow greeted me in the morning, I would go with what I jokingly called the “commitment umbrella” namely, the Windbrella Wind-Tuff 62″ Golf Oversized umbrella. Not only did this shield me from the elements, but also the dripping from scaffolding along the city streets, while keeping my tote and purse dry as well. As an added bonus, you could easily share the shelter with a friend or colleague given its vast size of 62 inches.

To boot, this piece can withstand major wind pressure, hence called the Windbrella, and will not turn inside out from the wind! If you have been in a windy downpour in New York City with a subpar umbrella, you know that the experience is not typically one that you would like to repeat. On that note, when recommending umbrella options to clients, if they truly are looking for a quality and durable option, we rule out the run-of-the-mill fold-aways. That being said, there are some great quality compact umbrella options, which come in very handy, such as the ShedRain Super Slim Mini.

The added value here is that each time one uses your logoed umbrella, he or she is reminded of your brand. And, if you provided them with a top quality umbrella, they will likely think of you fondly as they stay dry. As well, it offers a walking mini billboard.

The type of umbrella we suggest depends in part on the context. They are very useful pieces to have on hand in the office to give to a client on one of those unexpected rainy days. They are fabulous giveaways for a red carpet style event where your guests are escorted from their cars into the event venue under the protection of your logoed umbrella. For sporting events such as a golf outing, naturally a golf umbrella is a good fit–or, even a golf bag umbrella!

Umbrellas are one of the tried and true promotional products that typically get used, and consequently, gets you more branding bang for your buck.