Promotional Products


Recently, AdAge® covered some clever ways in which A&E®’s acclaimed series, “Duck Dynasty®” merchandising has proven successful. In particular, Walmart® carries many “Duck Dynasty” branded items, including antibacterial bandages.

Given the show’s success, it may come to no surprise that the merchandising success has followed. One might say that when it comes to marketing, they have their ‘ducks in a row.’

Often such success stories can inspire interesting program ideas in the promotional setting. Indeed, logoed bandages are actually band-ads for your company. In many contexts, logoed bandages will not only be well received, but also will attract attention.

Often city held health fairs look for corporate sponsors who would like to have a booth. This context is perfect for distribution of logoed bandages, by themselves, with a logoed dispenser, or as part of a larger first aid kit. These featured options from Norwood™ and Ready4 Kits® are great examples of top selling promotional band ads and kits.

Any sport outing, such as golf, tennis, or even a marathon is a prime setting for having handy band-ads for distribution. Should someone need one—your band-ads are there and they are giving your brand more mileage through their use. Not to mention, the person who needed the band-ad you provided them with, will likely remember and appreciate both the band-ad and your brand.

Many contexts could work for band-ad distribution, such as school fairs, summer camp open houses, company picnic outings and trade shows to name a few. Even as part of a new employee on-boarding kit, your band-ad could be part of your initial opportunity to make a lasting impression.