DUX of Sweden

DUX, a Swedish manufacturer of high-end furniture and beds showcases their products in their 100 plus DUXIANA showroom stores in 24 countries. The DUX bed, known for its advanced sleeping technology and top-notch craftsmanship, is featured in many of the world’s top luxury hotels. In addition to The DUX Bed, DUXIANA stores offer fine linens, down products and other bedroom furnishings.

As a quintessential Swedish brand with Scandinavian aesthetic sensibilities, our mission for the DUX and DUXIANA brands was to design objects and create imagery that reflects Swedish culture. We fashioned designs that capture sophisticated minimalism and adopted neutral color palettes and themes.

moxie produced Victorinox Swiss Army Bags, customized with an embroidered DUX logo, as a gift to DUX executives and employees at the DUX Annual Conference.

We crafted an elegant design that showcases the brand name in a monochromatic look on over-sized shopping bags that can accommodate DUXIANA fine linens and pillows. As an added special touch, we designed the inside of the bags to match the woven pattern that DUX features on their beds’ fabric casing.

Created to compliment the introduction of the DUX Xleep pillow, moxie designed the sleep mask to have the same fabric weave as The DUX Bed. The sleep mask comes enclosed in an aptly named pillow box, designed by moxie, and adorned with filaments crafted from the same threads used on DUX beds.

The concept behind these ads was for moxie to depict and communicate how a DUX bed is not just an ordinary mattress, but rather an extraordinary bed. DUX beds provide the utmost in comfort as they incorporate advanced technologies and features such as Independently Adjustable Lumbar Support and the Pascal Individual Comfort Zones.

The concept was for moxie to express how The DUX Bed is not merely a static slab that one sleeps on, but a crucial lifestyle investment. As people typically spend one third of their lives in bed, their comfort and rest quality should take center stage.